Prove your worth

In CrossfireX, your aim is your reputation. Flex your skills in this competitive, team-based tactical shooter designed from the ground up exclusively for the Xbox One, X | S. Customize your loadouts and assemble your squad as you explore a growing variety of intense multiplayer modes that cater to all types of players.

Unravel the story

Immerse yourself in the thrilling campaign developed in close partnership with Remedy Entertainment. Explore the historic conflict between two rival mercenary factions; Black List and Global Risk, as you uncover their secrets through a series of playable Operations.

Play your way

Whether you prefer to shoot from the hip, aim down your scope or get up close with a knife, we've got you covered with a variety of multiplayer modes.

Team Deathmatch

Eliminate as many hostiles as possible.

Search and Destroy

Plant or Defuse the bomb and eliminate hostile threats.


Occupy areas and salvage supplies to gain the upper-hand.

Point Capture

Capture points and take out hostiles.


Suppress the enemies and detonate or protect the target site

Experience the Campaign

Two fates intertwined - Uncover the true motives of the Black List & Global Risk organizations as you experience both sides of an on-going war.

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