Developer Update - 2022/02/10


Greetings, Mercenaries!

We are thrilled for CrossfireX to finally be live and in your hands. We heard a lot of great comments from players over the past 12 hours since we launched and would like to address them here. Player feedback is very important to us, and we are committed to providing the best experience possible.

The following areas are currently being worked on:

1. ADS with CAR-4 – sometimes the aim-down sight goes in and out while shooting. This is a bug and will be fixed.

2. Aim settings – we hear your request for options to adjust aim acceleration and sensitivity settings. We are working on adding more detailed options for the analog stick including acceleration, sensitivity, dead zone and aim assist.

3. Sliding – the issue that sliding stops when colliding with the side of an object will be fixed. Also, we will improve the experience of speed reduction while sliding.

4. Boogieman imbalance – We will adjust so as not to be able to obtain additional points while being in the Boogieman state. Also, the ability of HP auto-recovery will be removed, and the difficulty of becoming the Boogieman overall will be increased.

5. More maps – several maps will be added for both Classic and Modern modes.

These updates will take some time, but we are dedicated to including all of them in our first game update, which is planned for early March, 2022. Again, thank you for your valuable feedback, your love for CrossfireX and your patience. Together, we’ll continue to grow and refine CrossfireX as a community. We appreciate you, Mercenaries!

- CrossfireX Team