Developer Update - March 7


Greetings, Mercenaries!

This is Sooro Boo (“Mr. Boo”), the Executive Producer of CrossfireX, and I’d like to give an update of what we’ve been working on. Since our last announcement, we’ve been working hard on our first major content update and have identified a few areas to focus on based on your feedback and also our own internal analyses. 

I would like to explain exactly what we’ve been working on for the upcoming update and why:

1. Bug Fixes

A. We’ve fixed about 80 bugs. All of the crucial bugs that were squashed will be detailed in the upcoming patch notes, which will be listed on our website when the update goes live.

B. We’ve optimized the resolution for the “Black Widow” map for the Xbox One X and S devices.

2. Gameplay and Balance

A. Controller sensitivity improvement: While the previous patch focused on improving the default control settings, this upcoming update will focus on adding more control customization options. 

B. Aim assist improvement: To improve the overall balance and user experience, aim assist will now behave differently depending on the distance from the target. Aim assist will be weaker at a long distance and at close to mid-range, it’ll behave similar to how it is right now. We plan to continue refining this based on your feedback. 

C. Daily mission improvement: We’ve made the daily missions more accessible by significantly increasing the chance (up to 80%) that the weapons required are the default ones. We’ve also made the mission requirements less demanding, which should make earning GP much easier. 

D. Boogieman balancing: To make the Boogieman appearances less frequent and be more special, we’ve significantly increased its purchase cost. After the update, Boogiemen will likely appear in the late stages of the match only and much less frequently.

E. GR Tower respawn improvement: We’ve made adjustments so that you don’t run into the enemy as soon as you respawn. 

F. Spectre’s melee hitbox improvements: The melee hitbox was changed from the previous cone shape to a wide rectangle shape. As a result, while the melee range remains the same, melee attacks and how the hit registers should feel much more consistent. 

G. Nano Mode’s ammunition improvements: We’ve increased the amount of basic ammunition issued to mercenaries.

H. Black Widow respawn improvement: The respawn location has been moved to a safe area, making it impossible to target players right as they respawn. 

3. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

A. Lobby and in-game UX improvement: We’ve deactivated the mouse cursor and you can now navigate through all menus using only the D-pad. 

B. Weapon statistics comparison: To aid with the weapon selection, we’ve added a UI where you can see and compare the weapon stats, as well as see how the bullet spray patterns work in both Classic and Modern modes. 

4. New Content

A. Maps: Two new maps have been added – “Invasion” (Spectre mode) and “Submarine” (melee-only map).

B. Weapons: New weapons and silencer parts have been added. 

C. Event: New Event Battle Pass has been added where you can earn GP and CFP for free. This will be provided to all players automatically. 

While this update focuses on improving the overall user experience, we also recognize that our players are also asking for new TDM and Search & Destroy maps. While we could not include them in this update, we are currently working on 2-3 new maps and will be able to update you soon on when you can expect them. 

Thank you for your feedback, patience, and support of CrossfireX! We will continue to develop CFX with content updates and balance adjustments. We hope you enjoy our first major update and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please feel free to give us feedback on our social channels: Twitter, Discord and Facebook.

Thank you.