Patch Notes

CrossfireX Update

Patch Notes



A new map has been added to the EVENT playlist! For a limited time, players can earn 10,000 GP for completing 10 matches on Naval Base.

[EVENT] Naval Base – Search & Destroy (Modern):

- Take the fight to an abandoned military base located near the coast.

- Two bomb sites are located on each side of the map, one indoors and one outdoors.

- Swim through the water to attempt to sneak past your opponents and surprise them from behind.


The following changes will be made to the maps below on May 11th 2022 (00:00 UTC)

- Babylon Lab – Nano Mode (Classic): Map will be removed

- Submarine – Team Deathmatch (Event): Map will be removed

- Invasion – Spectre Mode (Event): Map will be moved to the Classic playlist

- Event Missions will be ending for Submarine and Invasion as well - be sure to complete your 10 matches before May 11!

*Removed Maps will potentially return in the future through events, based on community feedback


Flashbang (Throwing Weapon) has been added to the game:

- When thrown, this iconic weapon explodes with an intense flash of light, blinding all enemies within range for a brief period

- Can be unlocked for 1,000 GP in the Loadout menu




Laboratory – Spectre Mode (Classic)

- Adjusted the breakable glass to be more easily broken by gunshots

- Throwing Weapons will also now pierce and shatter breakable glass

- Adjusted the height at which fall damage triggers to mitigate accidental fall damage

Invasion – Spectre Mode (Event)

- Adjusted the height at which fall damage triggers to mitigate accidental fall damage

Babylon Lab – Nano Mode (Classic)

- Reduced the total number of rounds from 9 to 7

Submarine – Team Deathmatch (Event)

- Reduced the total number of kills required to win from 100 to 80




- Fire rate reduced by 25%

- Accuracy now reduces gradually when the trigger is held down


- Accuracy now reduces gradually when the trigger is held down


Kill Streaks:

The Boogieman has received the following balance changes:

- Movement speed while firing decreased by 10%

- Primary Weapon damage reduced by 10%

- Primary Weapon fire rate reduced by 20%

- Primary Weapon accuracy reduced slightly

- Primary Weapon recoil pattern reduced slightly. The recoil is now a bit easier to control when the trigger is held down

- Increased the time it takes to charge the Boogieman’s special ability



- Expanded the match intrusion time to help fill matches that have imbalanced team sizes

- Tactical Growth has been adjusted so that it can only be changed during first 20 seconds of a round to avoid abuse scenarios

- Added a 10-second timer when spawning into a fresh Modern match to allow more time to customize Tactical Growth before the match begins

- Improved the Smoke grenade visual effect to be more consistent throughout the animation

- Black Widow - removed the lens flare from the Lamp that made it difficult to see enemies clearly near A bombsite



- The ‘+XP’ HUD pop-up when killing an enemy is now only visible on Modern maps with the Kill Streak system enabled (GR Tower)

- Players will now see an updated Kill Confirmation on the HUD after scoring a kill/assist/headshot

- Improved the visual quality for custom scope crosshairs on older generation Xbox consoles

- The Black Market now has an in-game text guide explaining more details of how it works

- The Black Market grand prize is now highlighted and labeled correctly in the UI

- A ‘NEW’ tag has been added to the playlist UI and will be displayed on all newly added maps

- Improved readability of the Tactical Growth menu

- The ‘News’ window is now the first pop-up that players will see when they log in

- Terms of Use/Privacy Policy: players are now able to accept the agreements without having to scroll

- Players can now close the Options menu during a match by pressing 'B' button

- Added supply drop notifications for Nano characters



- Slightly improved the Dynamic Resolution for Xbox One S devices

- Improved the loading time when first opening the loadout tab



- Fixed an issue that caused multiple guns to cancel ADS if players tried to ADS at a specific time after swapping their weapon

- Fixed an issue that allowed Soldiers to turn themselves into Nano characters by killing themselves with a grenade

- Improved a rare issue that could cause the C4 to disappear before the bomb timer ends

- Improved an issue that caused enemies and teammates to not swap properly in rare occasions after side swap

- Fixed multiple abuse locations that allowed players to jump to unexpected locations on Black Widow

- Fixed an issue that caused flickering texture issues for Series X/S consoles

- Fixed a texture flickering issue when using ADS on the MSC-94

- Fixed various locations on Black Widow & Invasion where the C4 could be thrown to unattainable locations

- Fixed an issue that caused the GAL-R4 or Melee to auto fire after throwing an underhanded grenade

- Fixed an issue that caused the background music to awkwardly fade when making any UI selections

- Fixed an issue that could cause the Slide mechanic to disable if tactical growth was upgraded later in a match

- Fixed an issue that caused the red action indicators to persist on the mini map

- Fixed an issue that could cause the camera to not transition properly while sliding near an object

- Fixed an issue that could cause the zipline timer to have incorrect countdown time on GR Tower

- Improved an issue that caused weapon barrels to disappear while in spectator view

- Fixed an issue that caused viewpoint issues if a spectated player spammed ADS 

- Fixed an issue that caused the wrong animation to play while spectating a running player

- Fixed an issue that caused the running sound to persist for a few seconds after killing an enemy

- Fixed an issue that could cause the graphics to blur if the tactical growth & options menu opened at the same time

- Fixed an issue that could cause Black Market items to have improper lighting

- Improved the scoreboard alignment on Babylon lab

- Fixed an issue that caused player names to not appear properly on the round information area

- Fixed an issue that allowed characters to jump onto an invisible ledge next to the Glass on GR Tower

- Fixed an issue that caused Axel’s watch to glow green while in a match

- Improved the textures on the B.C-AXE Gold Tiger skin

- Fixed an issue that blocked vaulting on some objects on the map Invasion 

- Fixed an issue that caused players to be seen without a weapon for a brief moment after intruding a match

- Fixed an issue that caused the GAL-R4 Venom to be missing its Muzzle model in 3rd person viewpoint 

- Fixed an issue that caused lighting problems when Nano characters were in low light areas


CrossfireX Update

Patch Notes


Greetings, Mercenaries!

We’re excited to be able to share with you our first major update for CrossfireX. 

Before we dive into the patch details, we wanted to take a moment to express our deep appreciation for our community - we’ve been truly humbled since the official launch of the game and have received an incredible amount of feedback from passionate CrossfireX fans around the globe. 

Needless to say – we’re extremely eager to continue working on improvements for the game and hope that this update will act as a stepping stone in earning back player trust in the future of CrossfireX.

With that said, let’s talk about the update!



• A limited-time EVENT PASS has been added to the game, which can be selected from the drop-down menu located on the Battle Pass screen in-game. Earn up to 25 tiers of rewards including new Weapon Skins, up to 25,000 GP and a unique Weapon Accessory!

Two new maps have been added to the new ‘EVENT’ playlist. Earn up to 20,000 GP for completing 10 matches on each EVENT map.

[EVENT] Invasion – Spectre Mode (Classic)

- Face off against a team of Spectres in this new Event Map that pits teams face-to-face in a ruined city.
- Spectres can utilize the moving vehicle on the map to get navigate around more covertly.
- Take notice of the motion-activated lights that trigger in certain rooms, informing you of a nearby Spectre.

[EVENT] Submarine – Team Deathmatch (Classic)

- Put your knife skills to the test in this melee-only team deathmatch style mode that takes place in a sinking submarine.
- Adapt to your surroundings as the submarine begins to tilt during the match.

3 new weapons have been added:

- CAM-09 (Sniper Rifle)
- GSMG-45 (Submachine Gun)
- KERIS (Melee Weapon)

The following silencer attachment skins have been added:

- Dynamic Pearl
- Ivory
- Carbon
- Crimson
- Pink Carbon
- Hotrod
- Spitfire
- Guard 38



To address the difficulties surrounding the aim sensitivity, several customization options have been added to the game:
- Expanded analog stick sensitivity range for Stick & Vertical sensitivity, ADS & ADS Vertical sensitivity.
- Dead Zone options have been added for both left and right analog sticks.
- Aim Response Curve Type options have been added: Standard/Linear/Dynamic.
- 'Set to Default' feature added for each option category.

• To improve issues that occurred due to the aim assist mechanic being too strong, we differentiated aim assist based on distance where it now becomes weaker from a longer distance while remaining as is from a short-to-mid distance. We plan to continue refining this mechanic based on community feedback.

Muzzle and Ammunition attachments can now be used in the Classic playlist.

Performing melee attacks felt inconsistent, so we made the following adjustments:
- Melee range hitbox has been increased slightly
- Kukri strong attack (LT) has been adjusted.

Additional ammo magazines have been added for Mercenary players on the Babylon Lab map.

The rate at which Kill Streak Points are gained have been adjusted and the points requirement to unlock Boogieman has been increased to 3,000.

KALASH-47: Adjusted the recoil and firing rate to feel more consistent.

Adjusted the Spectre invisibility effect so that the invisibility is not deactivated right away after taking damage. 

- Now upon taking damage, the opacity will gradually increase.

Adjusted the spawn points on Black Widow so opposing players were not immediately in view of each other during spawn.

Improved the responsiveness of the Tactical Growth – Sliding mechanic.

To mitigate spawn camping on GR Tower, a new object has been added to block the line of sight to the spawn points. 



Weapon statistics have been added for each weapon, viewable in the Loadout screen.
- Includes recoil patterns for both Modern & Classic mode.

‘News’ section added – users can view news updates from the main lobby screen by pressing (X) or navigating to the corresponding button on the UI.

Play Guide videos have been added for the Submarine and Invasion maps.

Enhancements to the controls have been added to better handle situations with low aim acceleration.

An AFK kick timer has been implemented to remove users who are inactive during a match. 

Premium Missions have been removed from the game. Users who purchased the mission will still be able to complete it. 

The chance of receiving a Daily Mission that requires a specific weapon has been reduced significantly.
- The Daily Mission requirements have also been reduced to make them easier to complete.


Reduced the duration that eliminated characters would remain on the ground for. This has been implemented to reduce errors that would sometimes occur related to game physics.

Added support for the Australian region to improve ping issues.

Improved dynamic resolution optimization for each type of Xbox device.

The framerate and screen transition time of the lobby has been improved.


We’d like to take another opportunity to extend our thanks to the community for all the feedback and bug reports that has helped us narrow down the most crucial issues to address. We will continue to keep a watchful eye on the active discussions and bug submissions from the community.

- The official CrossfireX BETA rewards have now been distributed to all players who participated in the 2020 BETA. 500 CFP has also been awarded for your patience!

- Fixed an issue that allowed Nano characters to pick up Secondary weapons, which subsequently enlarged the Nano model.

- Fixed an issue that caused continuous camera shake after ending a round while spectating a teammate who is sprinting.

- Fixed an issue that disabled the use of ‘Enhanced Defense’ Tactical Growth for some loadout slots.

- Fixed an issue on Babylon Lab that allowed infected players to attack Mercenary characters through terrain/walls.

- Fixed an issue where the C4 Defuse UI would sometimes not display while defusing.

- Fixed an issue with the Black Market where users could not complete purchases with GP.

- Fixed an issue where Gamer Tags would display through smoke.

- Fixed an issue that didn’t add a kill point if you killed an enemy with a Grenade while respawning.

- Fixed an issue that output a light source on the B.C Axe Dynamic Pearl.

- Fixed a model and texture issue with the CAR-4 Snow Field that occurred in Classic Modes.

- Improved plant foliage hitboxes on Black Widow so that they no longer block bullets outside of the foliage zone. Foliage is no longer removed when damaging these affected plants.

- Fixed an issue that caused Aim Assist acceleration issues for the SC-772 and SC-556.

- Fixed an issue that allowed tactical growth to upgrade the max tier perk for a 2nd time.

- Fixed an issue with mode selection after a match is completed.

- Fixed an issue that could cause C4 detonation to add kill points incorrectly.

- Fixed an issue that allowed the Boogieman to make movements while in the introduction video.

- Fixed an issue that temporarily locked out Battle Pass reward distribution if you passed the 10th level maximum.

- Fixed an issue that caused the death recap to display information from multiple deaths.

- Fixed an issue that allowed the boogieman to get stuck on the 1st phase of GR tower after using the (LB) ability.

- Fixed an issue that caused specific guns to avoid invisibility on GR Tower while using the Spectre suit.

- Fixed an issue that allowed movements to persist while the killstreak menu is open.

- Fixed an issue on Laboratory that caused players to become temporarily stuck after Mantling an area near Black List Spawn.

- Fixed an issue that caused the spectator camera to become stuck if a character died by fall damage.

- Improved the frame rate for characters who are visible at long distance.