Patch Notes

CrossfireX Update

Patch Notes



A new map has been added to the EVENT playlist! Players can earn up to 20,000 GP for completing 10 matches on both Classic & Modern Valley.

[EVENT] Valley – Team Deathmatch (Classic & Modern)

- Teams face off on a steep and rocky crevice high above a river of lava. Choose your route to the other side, either through underground tunnels, by way of open-air trails, or throw caution to the wind and jump head-on into the fray across the chasm. 

- Navigate the narrow and twisting pathways as you battle not only the enemy team, but also the dangerous terrain.


Market Place has moved to the regular playlists:

- Market Place (Modern) has been moved to the Modern – Search & Destroy playlist.

- Market Place (Classic) has been moved to the Classic – Search & Destroy playlist.


A new weapon has been added:

- PG9 (Submachine Gun): 2,000 GP Unlock


A new Play Event is now active via the MISSION screen in-game:

THE NOMAD: Complete 7 matches across any mode during the event period to receive:

SUPER V Nomad (Weapon Skin)




The ‘Kill Streak’ system has been removed from all MODERN modes:

- After reviewing the Kill Streak system, our team and many outspoken members of the community agreed that the current offerings just did not feel very impactful nor satisfying to use. As a result, we're removing the system and will be exploring options to bring improvements to it down the road.

- This means that players will no longer see the options to select the Heartbeat Sensor, Spectre Suit or Boogieman Kill Streaks in all MODERN modes.

- While we understand some users may be disappointed by this change in direction, we want to assure our community that we will be planning to revamp the system and potentially reintroduce it in the future.



- Modern GR Tower and Mexico pre-round timer has been reduced from 10 to 4 seconds



- The Premium Mission that awards the mercenary ‘Sasha’ has been removed. 




- Improved the in-game Map view to allow full movement while the Map is displayed. Additionally, the position of the map has been moved slightly to allow for a clearer view while it’s displayed.




- Improved Assist Points to make them persist throughout the same round on Search & Destroy.




- The in-game Voice Chat option has been changed to be ON by default. This should allow teams to have better communication by default rather than forcing users to enable the voice function first.




- Improved an issue related to Party Matchmaking where if the invitee left the party during the queue, the host would be stuck in queue.

- Improved an issue related to Party Matchmaking where if the host left the group while searching for a game, the group members are stuck in queue.

- Improved an issue with the AS-12 weapon where reloading the weapon had a visual delay on the ammo count.

- Improved an issue with the MVP end-screen where the MVP text would not fade away properly.

- Improved an issue where holding the Options button caused the menu to pop up and disappear repeatedly.

- Fixed an issue that caused the F-45 to not reach the 100M target in the shooting range

- Resolved an issue that caused weapons to fall through the floor on the Invasion map.


CrossfireX Update

Patch Notes



A new map has been added to the EVENT playlist! Earn up to 20,000 GP for completing 10 matches on both Classic & Modern Market Place.

[EVENT] Market Place – Search & Destroy (Classic & Modern)
- Features three distinct attack routes, each favoring a different combat style: close, medium & long range.
- Utilize various pathways to traverse the map and surprise your enemies.

Mexico (TDM) has moved to the regular playlists:

- Mexico (Modern) has been moved to the Modern – Team Deathmatch playlist.
- Mexico (Classic) has been moved to the Classic – Team Deathmatch playlist.

NEW FEATURE: Shooting Range

Test out your weapons in a controlled environment and tweak your settings to perfect your aim before stepping into battle!

- Enter the Shooting Range by navigating to the Loadout screen, opening the weapon selection list and then pressing the (Y) Button on the weapon of your choice.
- Weapon attachments will carry into the Shooting Range as long as you select a customized weapon from your Primary/Secondary slots.
- Players can switch between Modern & Classic style aiming within the Shooting Range.
- Various targets will be available at certain distances to test your weapon accuracy.

NEW FEATURE: Weapon Mastery

Earn and equip various Name Tags that show off your individual weapon achievements!

- As you complete matches you will earn Weapon Mastery experience based on the weapons you used, as well as based on your performance.
- Reaching certain mastery tiers will unlock unique Name Tags that can be equipped to your profile and will show up in-game.
- Look for the 'Mastery' tab located at the top of the main lobby screen.


Complete 2 matches on five different days to permanently unlock the KALASH-103 Shadow Gold weapon skin!
- Event will end after the July update (~4 weeks)
- Event is not currently trackable in-game. We are working to improve this in the future.




The ‘Tactical Growth System’ has been revamped:

- Now referred to as the ‘Specialty System’, players are able to assign unique perks for each bag via the Loadout screen. This means that there is no longer a pop-up at the start of each match to select perks (Modern mode only).
- Similar to the previous Tactical Growth system, players can assign up to 3 perks per bag loadout.
- This change will offer players more flexibility during a match, allowing them to alternate loadouts with different perks to mix up their strategies between rounds.

- The Premium Mission that awards the mercenary ‘Sasha’ will be removed after our July update. A reminder will be posted in July before the mission is removed.
- Daily Mission count has increased from 3 -> 4 total. Additionally, some new types of missions were added. GP rewards have been slightly adjusted as a result.

- The Event Playlist missions that previously rewarded 10,000 GP for 10 games played have been changed into a three-tier format:
(1/3) Games Played: 3,000 GP
(2/3) Games Played: 3,000 GP
(3/3) Games Played: 4,000 GP


- A tab for the new Mastery system has been added to the main lobby UI.
- A button prompt to enter the Shooting Range has been added to the Loadout screen UI.
- The column that displays ‘Assists’ on the match results screen has been updated to reflect the total number of kills you assisted on.
- There is now an option to turn off controller vibration in the options menu.



- Slightly improved the loading time of the Black Market screen.



- Improved an issue where repetitive matchmaking attempts cause Party match queues to result in multiple errors.
- Improved an issue that caused games to start with imbalanced teams.
- Fixed an issue where the C4 text for the German language was appearing in text code.
- Fixed an issue where players are able to jump onto the ledge above Black List hotel on Mexico (Modern).