Patch Notes

CrossfireX Update

Patch Notes



A new Halloween-themed map has been added & new packages enter the shop!

HAUNTED VILLA – Team Deathmatch (Classic/Modern)

- A once luxurious and lively manor has been reduced to a battleground where Black List & Global Risk mercenaries clash.

- Take in the festivities and enjoy the limited-time Halloween decorations featured on the map.

- Earn up to 20,000 GP for playing on Haunted Villa (Modern/Classic)


SUBMARINE – this limited time event has concluded:

- Don’t fret, the map will return again in the future!


A new Play Event is now active via the MISSION screen in-game:

5 Nights at Villa: Complete 1 match of MODERN – HAUNTED VILLA over 5 different days to receive:

- REWARD: Haunted Grenade Skin

- Earn 100% bonus XP/GP from Oct. 28 – Oct. 31


3 new CFP packages have been added to the in-game store:

Ghostly Munitions Pack – 1500 CFP
- Haunted CAR-4 (Weapon Skin)
- Haunted EAGLE 50 (Weapon Skin)

Cursed Supply Pack – 1500 CFP
- Haunted SAW-249 (Weapon Skin)
- Miniature Halloween Pumpkin (Weapon Accessory)

Covert Ops Pack – 1500 CFP
- SAW-249 Smoke 35 (Weapon Skin)
- MSC-94 Smoke 35 (Weapon Skin)




The Rematch system has been improved:

- Reduced the rematch vote requirements to the minimum required number of players for each mode. This should make it significantly easier to start rematches.


- The B.C-Axe Project X has received improved VFX.
- Black Widow - Improved the vaulting and collisions for the B bombsite objects next to the window. After this change getting through the window on both sides should feel more natural.




- Reduced the map intrusion time for Babylon from 10 to 7 minutes. 




- Fixed an issue where players can clip through a desk near A site on the Satellite map.
- Fixed an issue where damage value text was not consistent on some languages.
- Fixed an issue where on both Classic and Modern Black widow maps the bomb can be stuck behind the fruit stand.
- Fixed an issue where the intro music to the round is heard even though the music volume is set to 0.
- Fixed an issue where the microphone icon was not showing on the scoreboard for the user’s party.
- Fixed an issue where on Mexico maps users would be suddenly stopped from running because of the curbs in certain hallway openings.
- Fixed an issue where on the Babylon map users still die when taking cover in buildings from the Tarantula attacks.
- Fixed an issue where the game was showing Portuguese text on the German language while in the Babylon Helicopter.
- Fixed an issue where the Lobby had a repeating glitch animation when the user finished a game.
- Fixed an issue where the Event tab trackers were empty on second selection.
- Fixed an issue on Black Widow where players could jump on the wooden window frame In the Middle Gallery Area.
- Fixed an issue where the users mini map location icon was missing after using a battle walker, mounted turret and helicopter on Babylon.

CrossfireX Update

Patch Notes



A new Event Battle Pass is here, two NEW maps have been added, Submarine returns and Transport Ship joins the Modern playlist!

NEW MAP: BABYLON – Occupation (Modern)

- Experience CrossfireX like never before with our largest map yet! Engage in 15v15 including brand new features such as pilotable vehicles, controllable turrets, equipment supply crates and more as you fight to defend your faction’s territory.

- Provide fire support for your team by capturing the unique Tarantula control point. Doing so will unleash a devastating missile strikes across the map, allowing your faction to press the attack.


NEW MAP: SATELLITE – Search & Destroy (Classic & Modern)

- Set within a military compound, different routes of attack will take the fight through warehouses and alleyways.


NEW Event Battle Pass is now active! Take advantage with the start of a new EXP boost event, running for a limited time only!

- Start earning progress towards various exclusive skins, boosts, and currency unlocks in this FREE battle pass!

- Earn 100% additional experience towards all Battle Pass progress until September 28.

Also earn bonus EXP/GP based on the following:

              • Weekdays – 30% EXP/GP Boost (Monday 07:00 UTC to Friday 17:59 UTC) 

              • Weekends – 100% EXP/GP Boost (Friday 18:00 UTC to Monday 06:59 UTC) 


Submarine – Melee Team Deathmatch (Event)

- The mayhem returns! Jump back into Submarine and put your melee skills to the test in this limited time mode.

- EVENT MISSION: Complete 3/3/4 matches on Submarine to earn 3000/3000/4000 GP!


Transport Ship (Modern) has been added!

- Players will now be able to queue into Transport Ship via the Modern Team Deathmatch playlist!


Valley has moved to the regular playlists:

- Valley (Modern) has been moved to the Modern – Team Deathmatch playlist.

- Valley (Classic) has been moved to the Classic – Team Deathmatch playlist.


NEW WEAPONS have been added:

- KALASH-LMG (Primary / LMG): 2,000 GP

- Model 1903 (Primary / Sniper): 2,000 GP

- HAMMER Mk. II (Primary / Shotgun): 2,000 GP

- AP-45 (Secondary / Pistol): 1,000 GP


A new Play Event is now active via the MISSION screen in-game:

Rise of Babylon: Play on the new BABYLON map for 100 MINUTES to receive:

- KALASH-103 Alpine Strike (Weapon + Skin)


NEW Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member reward now available!

- Starting today, XGPU members can claim an exclusive bundle containing 1200 CFP and a unique weapon skin: B.C-Axe “Project X”

- Be sure to claim yours before October 23


NEW cosmetic bundles have been added to the in-game shop!

Arms Dealer Pack – 2950 CFP:

- AP-15 Gold Carbon

- EAGLE 50 Cartel

- KUKRI Dynamic Pearl

- Western 40mm HE Accessory


Venomous Pack – 1600 CFP:

- SG1212 Venom

- HM3 Venom


Undercover Agent Pack – 600 CFP:

- PWC Camo Net

- KALASH-47 Camo


NEW exclusive bundles have been added to the Microsoft Store!

Smuggled Goods Package – FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! 

(Ends August 29 and then changes to $9.99 USD):

- SPR-12 Smoke-35 (Weapon + Skin)

- VN60 Forest Camo (Weapon + Skin)




QUICKPLAY has been added – You can now queue for multiple modes at the same time!

- Using the Quickplay Settings menu, you can now select multiple modes within either Modern or Classic to queue for simultaneously.

- You cannot queue for both Modern & Classic modes at the same time.

- Select the ‘QUICKPLAY’ button on the PLAY screen to queue based on your saved settings.


Queueing from the EVENT playlist will now matchmake with Classic & Modern mode pools 

- This means players that who queue into individual EVENT maps will be matched with players that queued via regular mode-based matchmaking and earn progress towards the event. 


The “Flinching” mechanic that occurs when taking damage has been modified to a camera tilt effect

- This change should result in a much less frustrating experience when attempting to fire back at an opponent who’s sending shots your way.


The ‘Standard’ Aim Response Curve option has been modified slightly to be more consistent:

- The middle portion of the curve has been toned down, this should help more with precision aiming.

- As always, let us know your feedback on the change through our social channels such as Discord!


Weapon Balance:

The following weapons have received slight balance changes to be more consistent in terms of body part damage, armor penetration, and damage drop off.



- GSMG-45




The main lobby UI has received a complete overhaul! 

The following elements have been updated:

- Added buttons for the newly added Quickplay feature as well as the Quickplay Settings menu.

- A button that navigates to the gameplay guides has been added to the PLAY screen UI.

- Store and Black Market UI have received updates to improve user experience.

- Added video clips to the background UI that better highlights the differences between the modes.

- Various sound effects have been added/changed to match the updated visuals.


Added customization options for the in-game Radar (minimap) to the 'OPTIONS – GAME’ menu:

- Options: Radar Size, Radar Magnification, Radar Rotation




A REMATCH feature has been added!

- At the end of match results screen, a rematch vote will be available. If the minimum required players vote to rematch, a new match will begin.

- The match results screen has also been updated to allow you to re-queue into your saved quickplay configuration or immediately exit back to the main lobby.

- The Matchmaking system has been updated to allow queues to exceed 5 minutes before timing out.


- Expanded the system sound channel to address issues where audio often breaks or does not output properly when multiple players are engaged in combat.

- Improved the footstep sound effects to better distinguish between your own footsteps versus other player’s footsteps.

- All accounts now start with (6) weapon attachments unlocked for each starter weapon by default: 
Flash Hider
Hybrid Flash Hider
Enhanced Flash Hider
Enhanced Compensator

*Players who already purchased these attachments have received up to 5100 GP as compensation.



- Fixed an issue that caused party matchmaking issues if the host was idle in the lobby before matchmaking 

- Fixed a map collision on Black Widow that allowed players to boost from a window cage to gain access to the top of a building

- Black Widow – fixed an issue that caused A bombsite stairs to block players that hugged too close to the wall

- Fixed an area on Valley that allowed players to momentarily bypass map collision to see through the map

- Fixed an issue on Valley that allowed players to stand on the Rock ledge near BL spawn

- Fixed an area on Valley that allowed players to survive the fall near the lava

- Fixed localization issues with store prices

- Fixed localization issues on the Item tab

- Fixed localization issues for the Fine Throw daily mission

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