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Patch Notes



A new map has been added to the EVENT playlist! Players can earn up to 20,000 GP for completing 10 matches on both Classic & Modern Mexico.

- [EVENT] Mexico – Team Deathmatch (Classic & Modern)

- Navigate through abandoned alleyways as you hunt down the enemy.

- Control the high ground to gain the advantage.

- Turrets are positioned in each team’s spawn area.


Naval Base (Classic) has been added to the Classic playlist!

- Naval Base (Modern) has been moved to the Modern playlist.

- Invasion (Spectre) has been moved to the Classic playlist


The following maps have been removed: 

- Babylon Lab – Nano Mode (Classic)

- Submarine – Team Deathmatch (Event)

*Removed maps will potentially return in the future through events, based on community feedback.


NEW Weapons have been added to the game: 

- SC-SSR (Sniper Rifle): 2,500 GP Unlock

- FSG-12 (Shotgun): 2,000 GP Unlock

- BP93 (Pistol): 1,000 GP Unlock


The following bundles have been added to the STORE:
- Black List Veteran Pack (1,900 CFP)

Logan (Black List)
9mm Accessory
GAL-R4  Smoke 35
EXP Boost 30% (1 Day)

- Spray & Pray Pack (1,800 CFP)

1928 TYPEWRITER Cartel

**Update: We have found an issue with the Gold Carbon Pack and will be temporarily removing it from the in-game store. Thank you for your understanding.**

- Gold Carbon Pack (1,600 CFP)

LOUIS GUN Gold Carbon
CAR-4 Gold Carbon

- Camouflage Pack (1,200 CFP)

TSV Forest Camo
B4 SUPER Forest Camo



A new reward system for completing consecutive matches has been added!

- Players will receive the following GP bonuses at the end of a match:

1 Match = 10 Bonus GP
2 Matches in a row = 15 Bonus GP
3 Matches in a row = 25 Bonus GP

- After reaching 3/3 matches, players will continue to earn 25 bonus GP per match. Leaving a match in progress will result in your bonus streak being reset.

- This system is intended to not only reward users for completing matches, but to deter leavers as well.



- Updated the Weekly Missions that required playing on specific Maps to now target specific Modes.

- Updated the Daily Missions that required using specific weapons to make them more accessible to all players.




The Queue System has been updated!

- Players will now be able to queue for their preferred Mode rather than queueing for specific maps.

- While some modes will only contain 1 map in their pool, we will look to expand this list in the future.

- Modes with multiple maps will have equally weighted chances in terms of matchmaking.


Additional UI changes:

- A confirmation message has been added when attempting to leave a match.

- Players will now receive a prompt when entering a bombsite while carrying the bomb. Players will be able to hold the plant button (Default ‘X’) to immediately start planting the bomb once they see the prompt on the HUD.

- Highlighted the dropped C4 icon to make it more visible compared to the bombsite icon.

- Added descriptions to the Kill Streak UI to better highlight their effects.

- Updated the end results screen:

- ‘Additional Pay’ -> ‘Bounty Bonus’

- ‘Assists’ has been removed from the top portion of the results screen.




- Slightly improved the controller vibration feedback when landing shots on an enemy. 

- Login server connectivity has been improved slightly. When a login fails due to a temporary network issue, the client will now try to re-connect up to 3 times.




- Fixed an issue that would cause players to intrude on the incorrect team after side swap

- Fixed an issue that allowed the Boogieman character to swap to normal loadout weapons

- Fixed an issue that would cause players to be immune from Grenade damage while partially behind cover

- Fixed an issue that caused the Crosshair to persist while spectating a player in 3rd person viewpoint

- Fixed an issue that caused the running animation to persist for still characters in spectator view

- Fixed an issue that caused the gamer tag to display in 3rd person view while spectating

- Fixed areas on the map Invasion that allowed Spectres to be in unexpected spots near B bombsite and Black List spawn

- Improved text issues when unlocking items

- Improved the size of the Protect Guard Accessory to be more consistent with other accessories 



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