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A new map has been added to the EVENT playlist! Earn up to 20,000 GP for completing 10 matches on both Classic & Modern Market Place.

[EVENT] Market Place – Search & Destroy (Classic & Modern)
- Features three distinct attack routes, each favoring a different combat style: close, medium & long range.
- Utilize various pathways to traverse the map and surprise your enemies.

Mexico (TDM) has moved to the regular playlists:

- Mexico (Modern) has been moved to the Modern – Team Deathmatch playlist.
- Mexico (Classic) has been moved to the Classic – Team Deathmatch playlist.

NEW FEATURE: Shooting Range

Test out your weapons in a controlled environment and tweak your settings to perfect your aim before stepping into battle!

- Enter the Shooting Range by navigating to the Loadout screen, opening the weapon selection list and then pressing the (Y) Button on the weapon of your choice.
- Weapon attachments will carry into the Shooting Range as long as you select a customized weapon from your Primary/Secondary slots.
- Players can switch between Modern & Classic style aiming within the Shooting Range.
- Various targets will be available at certain distances to test your weapon accuracy.

NEW FEATURE: Weapon Mastery

Earn and equip various Name Tags that show off your individual weapon achievements!

- As you complete matches you will earn Weapon Mastery experience based on the weapons you used, as well as based on your performance.
- Reaching certain mastery tiers will unlock unique Name Tags that can be equipped to your profile and will show up in-game.
- Look for the 'Mastery' tab located at the top of the main lobby screen.


Complete 2 matches on five different days to permanently unlock the KALASH-103 Shadow Gold weapon skin!
- Event will end after the July update (~4 weeks)
- Event is not currently trackable in-game. We are working to improve this in the future.




The ‘Tactical Growth System’ has been revamped:

- Now referred to as the ‘Specialty System’, players are able to assign unique perks for each bag via the Loadout screen. This means that there is no longer a pop-up at the start of each match to select perks (Modern mode only).
- Similar to the previous Tactical Growth system, players can assign up to 3 perks per bag loadout.
- This change will offer players more flexibility during a match, allowing them to alternate loadouts with different perks to mix up their strategies between rounds.

- The Premium Mission that awards the mercenary ‘Sasha’ will be removed after our July update. A reminder will be posted in July before the mission is removed.
- Daily Mission count has increased from 3 -> 4 total. Additionally, some new types of missions were added. GP rewards have been slightly adjusted as a result.

- The Event Playlist missions that previously rewarded 10,000 GP for 10 games played have been changed into a three-tier format:
(1/3) Games Played: 3,000 GP
(2/3) Games Played: 3,000 GP
(3/3) Games Played: 4,000 GP


- A tab for the new Mastery system has been added to the main lobby UI.
- A button prompt to enter the Shooting Range has been added to the Loadout screen UI.
- The column that displays ‘Assists’ on the match results screen has been updated to reflect the total number of kills you assisted on.
- There is now an option to turn off controller vibration in the options menu.



- Slightly improved the loading time of the Black Market screen.



- Improved an issue where repetitive matchmaking attempts cause Party match queues to result in multiple errors.
- Improved an issue that caused games to start with imbalanced teams.
- Fixed an issue where the C4 text for the German language was appearing in text code.
- Fixed an issue where players are able to jump onto the ledge above Black List hotel on Mexico (Modern).


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