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A new map arrives, Villa returns, Aim Response Curve improvements & more!

SUB BASE – Search & Destroy (Modern)

- Take the fight to a remote military submarine base in one of the most iconic Crossfire maps!
- Earn up to 10,000 GP for completing matches on Sub Base.

HIDDEN VILLA – Team Deathmatch (Classic/Modern)

- Villa returns, with a slight change of scenery! Experience fast-paced gameplay once more on this cozy TDM map.

A new package is FREE in the shop for a limited time:

Illegal Arms Pack:
- CAR-4 Cartel + KALASH-47 Cartel (Weapon Skins)
- Users can obtain the package free between Nov 9th to Dec 14th (UTC)

EXP/GP Boost Events return:

 [100% XP/GP] Weekend Boost
- Nov 11th 18:00 ~ Nov 14th 06:59 UTC
- Nov 18th 18:00 ~ Nov 21st 06:59 UTC
- Nov 25th 18:00 ~ Nov 28th 06:59 UTC

[50% XP/GP] Thanksgiving Week Boost
- Nov 21st 07:00 ~ Nov 25th 17:59 UTC



- Improved the Aim Response Curve, specifically the horizontal speed where it would reset if there was any vertical movement.
- Increased the amount of time weapons remain on the ground before de-spawning.
- For round-based modes (S&D, Spectre): dropped weapons will remain on the ground until the end of the round.
- Respawn-based modes (Team Deathmatch, Occupation, Point Capture): dropped weapons will remain on the ground for 20 seconds.



- The quickplay settings screen now displays a max of 5 modes and 8 maps.
- The design of the loading icon has been changed. All loading screens now use the same icon.
- Several changes to the general UI have been made to improve overall readability.



- Fixed an issue in the Undercover Agent Package description.
- Fixed an issue where the incorrect name appears on the death recap when killed by the Battle walker or Tarantula on Babylon
- Fixed an issue where players can sit on top of a fence, out of bounds, on the Black Widow map.
- Fixed an issue where primary weapons with silencers do not get quieter the further you move away, in third person.


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