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CrossfireX Update

Note Patch



A new Halloween-themed map has been added & new packages enter the shop!

HAUNTED VILLA – Team Deathmatch (Classic/Modern)

- A once luxurious and lively manor has been reduced to a battleground where Black List & Global Risk mercenaries clash.

- Take in the festivities and enjoy the limited-time Halloween decorations featured on the map.

- Earn up to 20,000 GP for playing on Haunted Villa (Modern/Classic)


SUBMARINE – this limited time event has concluded:

- Don’t fret, the map will return again in the future!


A new Play Event is now active via the MISSION screen in-game:

5 Nights at Villa: Complete 1 match of MODERN – HAUNTED VILLA over 5 different days to receive:

- REWARD: Haunted Grenade Skin

- Earn 100% bonus XP/GP from Oct. 28 – Oct. 31


3 new CFP packages have been added to the in-game store:

Ghostly Munitions Pack – 1500 CFP
- Haunted CAR-4 (Weapon Skin)
- Haunted EAGLE 50 (Weapon Skin)

Cursed Supply Pack – 1500 CFP
- Haunted SAW-249 (Weapon Skin)
- Miniature Halloween Pumpkin (Weapon Accessory)

Covert Ops Pack – 1500 CFP
- SAW-249 Smoke 35 (Weapon Skin)
- MSC-94 Smoke 35 (Weapon Skin)




The Rematch system has been improved:

- Reduced the rematch vote requirements to the minimum required number of players for each mode. This should make it significantly easier to start rematches.


- The B.C-Axe Project X has received improved VFX.
- Black Widow - Improved the vaulting and collisions for the B bombsite objects next to the window. After this change getting through the window on both sides should feel more natural.




Reduced the map intrusion time for Babylon from 10 to 7 minutes. 




- Fixed an issue where players can clip through a desk near A site on the Satellite map.
- Fixed an issue where damage value text was not consistent on some languages.
- Fixed an issue where on both Classic and Modern Black widow maps the bomb can be stuck behind the fruit stand.
- Fixed an issue where the intro music to the round is heard even though the music volume is set to 0.
- Fixed an issue where the microphone icon was not showing on the scoreboard for the user’s party.
- Fixed an issue where on Mexico maps users would be suddenly stopped from running because of the curbs in certain hallway openings.
- Fixed an issue where on the Babylon map users still die when taking cover in buildings from the Tarantula attacks.
- Fixed an issue where the game was showing Portuguese text on the German language while in the Babylon Helicopter.
- Fixed an issue where the Lobby had a repeating glitch animation when the user finished a game.
- Fixed an issue where the Event tab trackers were empty on second selection.
- Fixed an issue on Black Widow where players could jump on the wooden window frame In the Middle Gallery Area.
- Fixed an issue where the users mini map location icon was missing after using a battle walker, mounted turret and helicopter on Babylon.

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